UT TRADING is a general trading company that exports Japanese foodstuffs, daily necessities and used cars.


Foodstuffs Export

Japanese products we export include soft drinks, alcohol, confectionery, canned food, dried food, retort pouches and seasoning. We select and promote our products based on each individual customer's requirements.

Product examples
  • Soft drinks (coffee, natural water, juice etc.) and liquor (beer, sake etc.)
  • Confectionery (snack, chocolate, candy etc.)
  • Canned food, dried noodles, instant noodles etc.
  • Sugar, salt, flour etc.

Daily Necessities Export

We carefully select and export daily necessities such as detergent, cleaning products and cosmetics according to our customer's requests.

Product examples
  • Detergent (laundry, kitchen, residential etc.)
  • Household daily necessities (kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies etc.)
  • Cosmetics, personal hygiene and skin care supplies etc.
  • Insecticide, insect repellent, dehumidifier, deodorant etc.

Used Car Export

We purchase and export automobiles from all Japanese car auctions and dealers according to our customer's requests. Please provide us with the specifications of the vehicle you are seeking including type and price to ensure we can meet your requirements.

Auction website

You can check the vehicles that are listed on the auction site in Japan. Please click here for more details.

Company ProfileABOUT US

Company information

Company Name UT Trading LLC.
Office Address #401, 2-4-16, Kikusuidori, Moriguchi, Osaka 570-0032 Japan
Captil 5,000,000 yen
T E L 06-6914-9828+0081-6-6914-9828
F A X 06-6914-9829+0081-6-6914-9829
SITE http://uttrading.co.jp
Major Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Moriguchi Branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. / Moriguchi Branch
Resona Bank, Limited / Moriguchi Branch

Company philosophy

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Management policy

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Representative message

In a world that’s moving so fast, new and innovative products are constantly being created to meet the increasingly diversified needs of modern consumers. In such a world, it is important to build regional and organizational partnerships to share these products and ensure that everyone around the world can enjoy them. Our company acts as an intermediary between manufacturers and consumers and we endeavor to bring the best quality Japanese products to our customers at cost-effective prices.

Our motto is: "Best service for all of our customers. We are always with you".

President and CEO Ga Kai-hin


Please feel free to contact us by phone if you have any questions.

Inquiry Tel

*) Monday~Friday, 9:00~17:30 (JST)


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